Wine List


Red Wine Complete

  • Red House

    • Glass £4.30
    • Bottle £14.50

    A pleasant, eveloping structured wine with a long finish.

  • Melini Chianti Docg Neocampana – Italy

    • Glass £4.85
    • Bottle £15.50

    The flavour is candid and engaging, smooth but well sustained, with a marked foundation of jam and almonds. 

  • Altos Ibericos Crianza – Rioja

    • Glass £5.50
    • Bottle £17

    Its fruity, seductive character offers us silky wines. 

  • Bonpas Cotes Du Rhone Village – France

    • Bottle £18

    Ripe plum aromas with notes of tobacco and spice. 

  • Torres Celeste – Ribera del Duero

    • Bottle £19.90

    Dense, fleshy, with sensuous flavour sensations that are impressively persistent.

  • Enemigo Mio (Organic) – Jumilla

    • Bottle £21.50

    Fresh and juicy flavor with fruit flavours very prominent and very fragant roses palate.

  • Luis Cañas Crianza – Rioja

    • Bottle £25

    Round, pleasant, with columinous tannins, revealing a slight aftertaste of ripe fruit.

  • Finca Resalso – Ribera del Duero

    • Bottle £25

    A juicy, fruity and somewhat spicy wine. The few months spent in barrels give this wine a small toasted touch that so many love. 

  • Emilio Moro – Ribera del Duero

    • Bottle £33

    The palate, is a reflection of the nose: strong and powerful with mellow and refined tannins.

  • Luis Cañas Reserva – Rioja

    • Bottle £35

    Rich in flavour, bold and complex on the palate, yet elegant and balanced. 


White Wine

  • White House

    • Glass £4.30
    • Bottle £14.50

    Well balanced with fresh fruit, honey hints and a light creaminess.

  • Marqués de Cáceres Verdejo – Rueda

    • Glass £4.50
    • Bottle £14.90

    This Verdejo is plump on the palate and tastes of salty tropical and citrus fruits.

  • Marqués de Cáceres Blanco – Rioja

    • Bottle £15

    Fresh and balanced. It is a very long and surprisingly aromatic wine.

  • Voga Pinot Grigio Bianco – Italy

    • Glass £5
    • Bottle £15.50

    Refreshingly crisp on the palate with a creamy, mineral texture and flavours fully reflective of the aromas.

  • Lealtanza Sauvignon Blanc – Rioja

    • Glass £5.50
    • Bottle £17.50

    A fresh colour of light gold.The palate is silky with a good acidic structure.

  • Sunday Bay Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand

    • Bottle £23

    Rich and elegant, with impressive mouth feel, this is a wine that constantly intrigues.

  • Barbazul Chardonnay – Cadiz

    • Bottle £24

    Its plump palate delivers a mix of stone fruit and bitter, skin-based flavors, with a static finish.

  • Moreau Chablis – France

    • Bottle £45

    Grassy-fresh, with aromatic citrus and steely mineral length.


Rosé Wines

  • Rosé House

    • Glass £3.90
    • Bottle £14

    A different rosé wine made from Tinto Fino, with the freshness of rose wines.

  • Petticoat White Zinfandel Blush – California

    • Glass £5
    • Bottle £16

    This light, easy-drinking rose has subtle red fruit flavours and a soft finish.

  • Marqués de Cáceres Rosado Excellence – Rioja

    • Bottle £16.50

    A single-variety Tempranillo, to which a small amount of Garnacha is also added.

  • Voga Rosato – Italy

    • Bottle £18

    Pale glazed cherry, clean and brilliant. Aroma of wild strawberries, light notes of anise and fresh fruit.

  • Torres Viña Esmeralda Rosé

    • Bottle £21.50

    A light, fresh and delicate wine. An excellent example of a Mediterranean Rosé made from Grenache.

  • Château Puech-Haut Prestige Rosé – France

    • Bottle £32

    Well balanced and harmonious, with a final herbal garrigue-like hit on the back of the close.


Sparkling Wines

  • Gemma Di Luna Moscato – Italy

    • Glass £6
    • Bottle £17.50

    Aromas of under ripe nectarine, toasted marshmallow with lemon curd and sea salt.

  • Prosecco Voga

    • Glass £7
    • Bottle £21

    Clean, thin, soft, dry and fresh with elegant tones of ripe fruit flavour.

  • Anna Codorniu Rosé – Spain

    • Bottle £27

    Its well balanced structure, elegance and sensorial richness form an unmistakable personality.

  • Luis Roederer Brut – France

    • Bottle £35

    With aeration the aromatic palate reveals fruitiness, white peaches and Mirabelle plums, followed at the end by hazelnut and caramelised nut notes.

  • Luis Roederer Rosé – France

    • Bottle £47

    White fruit immediately on the nose, as well as some very strong lemon and lime notes.